Discover How To Create A Soul-Aligned Vision Statement That Inspires You To Action Every Day


  • Imagine waking up every morning with enthusiasm because you’re crystal clear on your goals and you know exactly what you have to do today to achieve them.
  • Imagine having a highly specific “blueprint” of who you need to become to create your dream life, so you can let go of your limiting beliefs easily as they come up (this means self-sabotage is a thing of the past)!
  • And imagine feeling a consistent level of confidence throughout your week because you’ve transformed any doubts of whether or not your vision is practical.


This is totally possible for you.
And how do I know?

Because these are real-life results my clients commonly experience once they’ve designed their vision statement and learned to live from who they see themselves being.

If we haven’t met yet… Hey! I’m Kevin. I’m a transformational life coach and I help people fulfill their soul’s purpose.

I created this workshop because 7 years ago I learned how to write my own vision statement and since then I’ve built dream after dream (including a profitable, heart-centered coaching business that aligns with my purpose) directly from the visions I wrote out in detail.

Plus, over the last 3 years I’ve helped dozens of my clients solidify their vision as well, so I know I can help you do it too!




The Vision Workshop

The Vision Workshop is an in-depth 2-hour training covering everything you need to know to clarify and write out your dreams in a specific vision statement that aligns with your purpose. 
You’ll learn how to cut through the confusion of what you want and decide for a dream, so you can build momentum in becoming the greater version of yourself you imagine yourself to be! 
But most importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid making endless lists of your goals/dreams that discourage you more than inspire you, so you can finally feel aligned with your vision.

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside...

Open Your Imagination

☑ How to bypass any limiting beliefs about what you’re capable of, so you can dream your REAL dream.

☑ The #1 thing you need to let go of to increase your belief & to trust that your dreams are possible.

☑ The most powerful question you can ask yourself to decide for your dream (even if you’re not sure what it is), so that you feel solid in the vision statement you write.

Define & Design Your Dream

☑ How to clarify your dream even if you have tons of ideas & you’re not sure which one to pick.

☑ The 5 key components of a compelling vision statement that makes you want to keep reading it over & over again.

☑ 20 - 30 minutes of practical time to write out your vision with a recording of a Q&A that was hosted live that answers the most common questions about writing your vision statement.

Use Your Vision Everyday

☑ The science behind why this works (hint: it’s got to do with neuroplasticity & vibration because everything is energy!)

☑ How to build the habit of connecting with your vision statement through visualization.

☑ The right way to evolve your vision statement overtime, so that it’s consistently aligned with who you really want to be.

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Join The Vision Workshop and discover everything you need to create a soul-aligned vision statement that inspires you every day!



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What makes this special?


 With a specified vision, you’ll be able to visualize and FEEL what it’s like to be that version of yourself, so you have a concrete idea of what to do (and what not to do) every single day to create that reality.

 Your fears, doubts and worries won’t have as much power anymore because you’ll be more connected with the higher version of yourself who’s living the dream.

 Through neuroplasticity, you’ll literally change the neural connections in your brain to look like your desired results are already yours. This supercharges your motivation, so you can get more done in less time!

“Kevin put so much into perspective and really helped me to know who I need to be in order to make my dream a reality. Now I’m clear on my dream and the steps I need to take and actions to achieve my vision!”
Brittany Aregood

“My vision came into clarity the first time I worked with Kevin, and I would literally be shaking, and crying as all the things I'm meant to do came to me. I feel grateful and aligned. I’d recommend anyone trying to find alignment with their dreams to work with Kevin!”
Sunny Britton Sink

“I recently found myself with an unexpected sense of lost purpose and no real vision for my own future. After working with Kevin, my vision is now stronger and more clear and I feel I've reconnected with old and gained new tools for working through doubt and uncertainty. Kevin helped me have more confidence in my ability to manifest abundance in a variety of areas of my life!”
Wendy Stengel

“Before working with Kevin, I felt scattered and all over the place - like I was doing and trying a lot of things and not following through. Now my dreams are clearer! I am really owning my dreams and being comfortable with them :) No guilt and shame! I feel more directed, guided, empowered and in control! While the world has been crazier, I feel like I've never been more at peace with myself and my journey.”

All the details:

What? The Vision Workshop - an 2 hour comprehensive training teaching you how to clarify and write your vision statement.

When? The workshop is not available live anymore, so your investment will give you access to the recording of the workshop when it was hosted live in October of 2020.

  1. What else? Your pass to The Vision Workshop includes:
    Everything you need to know to write your compelling vision statement.
  2. A recorded Q&A session that covers the most common questions.
  3. Lifetime access to the video recording and slides.

Ready To Clarify Your Vision?


Join The Vision Workshop and discover everything you need to create a soul-aligned vision statement that inspires you every day!



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The Vision Workshop is perfect for you if…


You don’t know what your dream is, you just know there’s something more.
 ​You have lots of dreams and you don’t know whether to choose one or create them all at once.
 You’re frustrated with not having a clearly defined vision that you feel aligns with you and your soul’s purpose.
 You know your dream, and are passionate about it, but you aren’t having the results you want.
 You think you’ve tried everything and none of it seems to be working.
 You’re ready to dust off an old dream and bring it into reality (and there’s a part of you that knows that THIS is your time.)
 You have achieved great results, lots of success, and you’re wondering if this is all there is.
 You have achieved a lot in life already, but you’re not feeling all the fulfillment you want to feel and not making the difference you want to make.


On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…


❌ You already have a super clear vision and you’re looking for support in creating a step-by-step plan to build that dream (I cover this in my coaching programs, but not this workshop)

❌ You’re looking for someone to tell you what your dream is instead of deciding for yourself. You’re the highest authority of your life, so I’ll help you discover a dream that feels perfectly aligned, but it’s your responsibility to choose.

(About coaching with me) "Before I invested in Kevin’s program, I was feeling stuck... I was overanalyzing everything to death, reading books, watching motivational videos, buying online courses and seeking advice from friends, family, therapists/counselors and even astrologists and psychics. Working with Kevin definitely helped get me out of the rut I was in. Now I feel less stressed and weighed down by all the mental garbage I was carrying around. I feel more confident and capable of moving in the direction that I want. Kevin provides the system for attaining the things that feel unattainable!”
James Pommier

(About coaching with me) “I felt stuck in a rut before coaching with Kevin... I felt confused about my purpose, I had no self confidence and I didn’t see a path to a happier, more fulfilling life. Now everything has changed! I feel alive and happy and encouraged about my future! I have a new confidence and faith in myself and in life, and a much deeper sense of gratitude for everything. I have been reading spiritual and self help books for 25+ years, but it wasn’t until I started working with Kevin that I started seeing results. I highly recommend having Kevin as your coach!”
Virginia Meyers

“I knew I wanted more out of life but didn’t know how to go about it or what that looked like. With Kevin’s support, my vision of the future I want is clear in a way it never was before! I see a future for myself and it’s a real future that fills me with passion and excitement. I now assess situations in a different way and I’m learning to respond instead of react to everything in life.”
Rachael Angelo

“Before working with Kevin, I was lost... I felt like life was just passing me by & I was just spinning my wheels going nowhere. Now I feel relaxed, focused, supported because I have a direction and I’m not lost in what to do or think!”
Caitlin Amy

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The Vision Workshop

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